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About Golf Clash

With multiple Mobile Game of the Year awards, Golf Clash has proven to be a fan favorite. Whether you like actual golf or not, the game has just the right mix of fun and challenge to win you over. Also, it has a ton of potential for growth and will not bore you over time.

Golf Clash uses two currencies — coins and gems. You will get some if you connect to your Facebook account, and there is a daily chest that will provide you with some, too. However, as everyone who’s addicted to the game knows, the daily allowance is far from being enough.

In all honesty, players can’t expect to level up in Golf Clash and get an upper hand over their opponents without some extra coins and gems. After all, upgrading the equipment, opening chests, and entering tournaments are quite pricey. Therefore, every die-hard fan will need cheats and tricks to acquire Golf Clash free coins and gems without actually spending any dough.

Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help the players keep their dollars. Here are a few things you can try to get Golf Clash free gems and enjoy a better game experience.

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Golf Clash Free Coins and Gems

Did you know that there is a super-easy Golf Clash hack to multiply your resources? Allow us to introduce you to our Golf Clash Free Coins and Gems generator.

To use it, simply enter your username and choose your operating system (Android or iOS). This information will help the program find your account and send you your Golf Clash free gems and coins.

Before you get your rewards, there may be a few things that the generator will ask you to do, but they are simple and won’t take up much of your time. First, you would have to fill in a survey to prove you are not a bot. You may also have to download some apps to your device — but don’t worry; they are safe to do so.

That’s it! After completing these steps, you can log into your account. You should then receive your Golf Clash free coins and gems and enjoy your new loot!

Never Convert Gems into Coins

Exchanging gems may seem like the perfect way of getting necessary coins. Newbie players are especially tempted since they need quite a lot of coins in the beginning. However, gems are far harder to get than coins. If you keep converting them, you will probably find yourself without any gems left quite soon. It’s much safer to save the gems and use them only when you really have to.

Golf Clash Hack for Gold Chests

At first, it seems that it’s nothing but luck that determines whether your daily chest will be Silver, Gold, or Platinum. However, experienced players are aware that certain tricks increase the likelihood of receiving Gold chests that come with Golf Clash free gems and coins.

First, make sure you open your chests during the night. That way, your chances of getting a Gold or Platinum chest will be much higher. On the other hand, if you open them during the day, you will probably be stuck with a bunch of basic, Silver ones.

Another Golf Clash hack for getting better chests is keeping the chest slots full. Start by winning a series of several matches without emptying the slots. Next, empty one slot only. Chances are that the next chest you receive will be a Gold one.

Stock Up on the Coins

As you progress in the game, the tournaments will become more and more expensive. Of course, everyone wants to play advanced tournaments since they come with better rewards. However, you shouldn’t invest in them unless your savings are 10 times bigger than the tournament fee.

Let’s say you have 2,000 coins. You’ll probably feel tempted to spend them all on one tournament. Still, don’t forget that you may lose, and then, you will have nothing in your bank. So, stick to cheaper tournaments until you save at least 20,000 coins. Then, you can enter any 2,000-worth tournament you want.

Managing the Wind

Using the swing button in a specific way can help you beat the odds in a windy environment and earn some Golf Clash free coins. Here’s how this Golf Clash hack works. If the wind is 2.1, all you need to do is move the swing button downwards to 2.1. That way, you will most likely get a perfect hit.

In addition, there are numerous wind charts online that may help you manage the wind based on your clubs.